• R&D is a major thrust area in our business through which Aarti has acquired a strong knowledge.
  • Our R&D centre is capable of developing innovative processes of complex chemistry and engineering
  • 60 Qualified and Competent Scientists which include 6 Doctorates, 45 Masters, and 10 Bachelors are working in these areas:


     A. Analytical Development Laboratory (ADL)

  • State-of-art instruments:
    - LC -MS -UPLC
    -X-Ray Diffractometer -Particle Size Analyzer
    -HPLCs - Gas Chromatographs
    -FTIR - Digital Polarimeter
    -UV-VIS Spectrophotometer - Atomic absorption Spectrophotometer


     B. Process Development Laboratory- API Division and Scale-up Study


  • We have developed and scaled up-

    • APIs and API intermediates,
    • Non-infringing and innovative processes,
    • Validation of analytical methods and impurity profiles.


     C. Contract Research Laboratory:

  • FTE- Full Time Employment,
  • Non-FTE – Project based.

         Major activities in Contract Research are:

  • Intermediates required for NCE in lead identification and optimization stage,
  • Synthesis and Characterization of reference standards of impurities of API,
  • New Polymorphs.

     D. Process Development Laboratory - Custom Synthesis:


We develop intermediates for-

  • Pre-clinical,
  • Clinical,
  • Commercial Products.
    For pharmaceutical companies and also for various stages of agrochemicals and speciality chemicals.


  • Our R&D team is highly talented with expertise in

    • Chiral Synthesis and separations,
    • Stereoselective Synthesis,
    • Hydrogenation,
    • Polymorphism Studies,
    • Peptide Synthesis,
    • Optical Resolutions,
    • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • We have Process Patents for Five products.
  • We work with top Indian and International companies in the fiels of Pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals.