Research & Development


60 Qualified and competent Scientists working in various departments viz.

  1. Analytical Development Laboratory (ADL)
  2. Process Development Laboratory – API Division (PDL)
  3. Process Development Laboratory – Custom Synthesis (PDL)
  4. Scale up Study Laboratory (SSL)
  5. Contract Research Laboratory (CRL)

Well supported and well equipped analytical development Laboratory for synthetic chemistry with following state-of-art instruments:

Instrument Quantity
GAS Chromatographs 4
FTIR (Shimadzu 8400) 1
UV Vis Spectrophotometer 1
Digital Polarimeter Digipol 781 1
Autotitrator with KF attachment 1
pH Meter Cyber scan


Equipment Quantity
Water Purification system

Stability Ovens 3
Photostability Oven 1

Special features of Process development laboratories

  1. Handling of all Nobel metal catalyst at pressures upto 100 kg/cm2 and
  2. Temperature ranging from RT to 200 degree C
  3. Pressure reaction volumes ranging from 100 ml to 7 lit capacity.
  4. High vacuum distillation up to 1 mm of Hg
  5. Efficient exhaust system
  6. In-process check equipments in each laboratory
  7. Design of experiment from few gm to maximum 500 gm

Scale up study laboratory is well equipped as per c-GMP. It focuses on activity upto 20 lit capacity. Pilot trials are monitored as per quality assurance system.

Pilot plant facility consists of

  1. Hydrogenator of 20 L capacity
  2. SS Reactors of 200 & 250 L capacity
  3. Glass Assembly from 25 L to 100 L
  4. Centrifuge of 12" & 24"
  5. Vacuum Tray Drye

Contract Research laboratory meets the requirements of GLP. Major activity incontract research includes:

  1. Synthesis and characterization of reference standard of impurities of API
  2. Synthesis of few gms of new chemical molecules required for SAR
  3. Intermediates required for the drugs in PHASE I of clinical trials.